Our Stakeholders

The tools and techniques used in all of our programming have been developed, tested and are in use by a community of over 50 First Explorer Licensees from around the world.  These include:

  • EIT-Climate-KIC: The pan-European climate change adaptation and mitigation program of the European Union
  • The School for Social Entrepreneurs – Ontario
  • OCAD University’s Impact Collective

Our team and community of practice have delivered over 50 workshops and labs since 2014 in 8 countries attracting over 1200 participants

“After your three days of workshops it was good to see how the Flourishing Business Canvas can be used in practice and we are very interested in further collaborations including using it in our Pioneers into Practice Program”

Professional Education Lead, pan-European Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation Program of the European Union (EIT-Climate-KIC) – Frankfurt, Germany – Feb 2016

“You know that any work you’re doing [based on Lean4Flourishing methods] is work that is absolutely necessary to move your business forward”

Entrepreneur, Founder Squag, Toronto – June 2015

“The flourishing business canvas model provides a much more encompassing view of the business by highlighting the financial, social and environmental areas that you need to keep a pulse on, which other business canvases don’t have.”

Enterpreneur at Women’s Incubator Business Modelling Lab,
Ajax, Ontario – Sept 2016

“The personal life goals and business visioning lab provided a really great guideline, the ‘why, how and what’ idea consistently helped us regroup and refocus our project”

Participant – Spanish & Latin American Students Association Social Entrepreneurship Summit, McGill University, Montreal – March 2016

“The process asks probing questions that encourage an entrepreneur to examine carefully what one’s business offers and whether there is a market for the business in its present form”

Entrepreneur, Eclat School of Performing Arts, Toronto – Feb 2016

Organizations that our team has worked with