Our Approach to Innovating Innovation

For the Entrepreneurial Enablers

At Lean4Flourishing we are building on the proven value of Lean Startup, customer discovery and established transformational change and program management approaches to create the Lean4Flourishing approach. This is powered by a new generation of tools,including the Flourishing Business Canvas  and the Future-Fit Business Benchmark.

New and adapted tools, processes, and methods, however, are not enough to innovate innovation. We also need new entrepreneurial competencies – knowledge, skills, and attitudes – in order to create innovative outcomes.

We also recognize that to build a Flourishing Enterprise we have to build Flourishing Leaders.  Our competency development approach extends to exploring the inner and outer entrepreneurial journey, strengthening and developing leaders of the future: those who lead enterprises to do good and do well.

The programming co-created by Lean4Flourishing and our stakeholders enables entrepreneurs to build the competencies necessary to envisage, build and scale their flourishing enterprise.

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Built for the Future,
Based on Latest Research and Practice

The Lean for Flourishing Startups approach to entrepreneurship is based on six years of research and testing and is the subject of multiple peer-reviewed publications. Building entrepreneurial competency is at the heart of what we do – accelerating entrepreneurs by applying our approach directly to their enterprise.

Our approach to
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